For all your celibate sleeping needs.

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Vintage  Celibed

Now returning after 200 years due to popular demand!
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Start with a simple Celibed®

Nothing says, “I celebrate my celibacy!” like a high-quality stainless steel Celibed.

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Switch to a Celibed for celibate relationship testing

Not sure this new relationship is going to work out? Our celibate relationship testing (CRT) model is perfect for indecisive covenanters.

Upgrade to a full spiritual friendship bed*

Covenantal marriage Friendship Celibed. You’ve arrived. What more can we say?**

* Divider available for those who lack self control

** Permanent friendship not so permanent? Trade your spiritual friendship bed in for two single Celibeds at any time for two low payments of $129.99

Happy Customers

"We've been nothing but pleased with our Celibed—Spiritual Friendship Edition, Deluxe package. It's so comfortable that we sometimes fight over which side we are on—Side A or Side B. lol"

-Dan Virgillito

Interior Designer

“What can I say? I've had so many wonderful nights of sleep on my Celibed. I've got so much energy that my loafers feel incredibly light. It just makes me so happy, I feel like I could dance!"



"I sort of wish my Celibed would catch fire in my mom's basement. That would at least be exciting, and I'm sort of bored with my Xbox. But I can't even get a girl to come over."

-Whiney McWhineFace

Unemployed Gamer

Whether sleeping, studying the Bible, sobbing at your loneliness, or chastely holding hands with the one you love, know that Celibed will always be there for you.

– Celibed Management

Purveyers of ancient Christian cultural artifacts, historic sexual ethics for human flourishing, and fine bedding supplies

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Revoice Rechoice! Conference

…a more progressive and all-inclusive alternative to the Revoice.us conference.

Supporting, encouraging, and empowering racist, pedophile, and other minority Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage, sexuality, and racism.
July 26-28, 2019 St. Louis

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Coming soon: Celibed Monastic Edition








Starting at just $1999

Celebrity Celibeds!

Celibeds are known for spontaneous combustion, making these used Celibeds extremely rare. See if your favorite monk’s (or nun’s!) Celibed is available, and give yourself every advantage in your fight for a good nights sleep.

Featured Items

Whether you are single or in a permanent, covenanted monogamous friendship, our top of the line beds and mattresses are available in a wide range of styles and designs to meet all your celibate sleeping needs.

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